We have the features which revolutionize the process of file handling!

1. File management made easy

Your files are managed on the go. You can tag your files, organise them into folders, share it with anyone.
Our goal is to keep the process as simple as possible. Never ever lose your important files due to anyone or any reason.

2. Preview before downloading

Ever remember when you had to download a file just to read what's in there? Or that time when you downloaded a video file just to watch a few seconds?
No need to do it now.

With FreeForFiles, you can preview almost all type of files, without the need to download.

3. Analytics

You can view how many people preview-ed the files and how many people downloaded your file.
We believe in transperency and hence the view and download count are updated almost real-time after our system verifies those are real.

4. Short URL

You want to change the links generated? You can do it in just a click!
You can create memorable short links which may help your brand.

5. Contact Management System

Create groups and contacts and organise your file sharing list. This can be used in big organisations where you have to update every work day, the entire group about something after attaching required files.
Create unlimited groups and unlimited contacts to suit your need!

6. Instant Email Share

Instantly share with multiple people via email in just a single click. Instead of copying the link and pasting it again and again, send out a email to unlimited recepients at the same time.
Contact Management System can help you a lot.
Our reasearch shows it improves productivity by 61%!

7. Easiest File Search

Searching through the files was never easy before!
Search with the filters of: author name, description, add-date, tags, contacts, file type, file name, file size, and much more! Anything more left?!

8. Secure storage

We believe your files, belong to you, unless you decide to share it with someone. Your files are secure and are deleted immediately when you click the delete button. You get transparent reports of the storage available and the analytics.

9. Automation - The Future

Have files which you don't need after a certain date?
With FreeForFiles you can auto-delete the files so you don't store files you don't need to store. Store important files and folders and no unnecessary trash!

You can also delete or disable the files after a certain number of downloads. Let's say you only wanted to share it with 1000 people. After 1000 downloads, you can disable the file downloads, so no-one can reach to it, or permanently delete it, forever.

10. Auto-segregation of files

Our system can auto-segregate all the files via extensions inside a system-generated-folder. This saves your time finding all the PDF files or all the ZIP files, and so on.
People definitely have saved hours by having this feature!

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